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Program Feedback Survey

  1. Overall, did the program live up to your expectations? *
  2. Was the program accurately described in the brochure?
  3. During enrollment in the program, was the receptionist courteous and knowledgeable?
  4. If supplies were required, were you made aware of them when registering?
  5. Did the program fee seem appropriate?
  6. Did the program length seem about right?
  7. Did the leaders (instructors, umpires / referees, scorekeeper, volunteers, etc.) do a good job?
  8. Was the facility where the program was held at clean and maintained?
  9. Were you encouraged to get involved and participate in the direction of the course?
  10. Was assistance provided when needed?
  11. How long did it take to get enrolled in a program? *
  12. Which day of the week is best for you to attend a recreational program?
  13. What time of day is best for you to participation in a recreational program?
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