Core Challenges

Starting in 2024, Core Fitness will kick off the new year with a monthly series of thrilling challenges! Get ready to conquer new heights, push your limits, and achieve your fitness goals like never before. Each month brings a fresh, exciting challenge to ignite your passion for a healthier, stronger you!

Lose 2 Win - January/February

Fuel your fitness journey with our inaugural Core Challenge with our 8-week Body fat challenge. Registration costs $10 but if you shed 0.5% or more body fat you get your cash back. The last day to sign up is January 7th!

Get a Leg Up on 2024 - March

Whether you're still dedicated to your New Year's resolution or seeking motivation to kickstart your fitness journey, our "Get a Leg Up on 2024" Core Challenge is tailored just for you! To join, invest a mere $10 by signing up. The first step is creating your Preva account, and you can easily do so using one of the cardio machines at your nearest participating gym.

Once registered, embark on your fitness journey by engaging with the cardio machines of your choice. Whether it's the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike, your Preva account will seamlessly track your progress, keeping you motivated every step of the way. 

Dash to Dallas - April

Walk to Memphis - May

Precore Challenge - June

Road to Kansas City - July