Southwest Martial Arts

Be a part of the Tae Kwon Do family. Children and adults are welcome. Our certified instructor, Richard Burnett provides techLittle boy with orange beltnical and practical training in a challenging and exciting atmosphere. Children can practice self-discipline, respect, and experience the joy of self-achievement in a fun environment. This program offers practical and effective self-defense training regardless of personal skill level or experience. It offers those interested in competing at tournaments an effective martial arts training for both sparring as well as weapons. The Southwest Martial Arts program provides a traditional avenue of legitimate ranking for those desiring to earn a black belt. Come have fun; be fit and stay fit!

Age/LevelDayTimeBelt Rank
3 - 5T, TH6 pmN/A
BeginnersT, TH7 pmWhite/Yellow
AdvancedT, TH8 pmOrange & Above
  • Fee $35
  • Session Start Dates:
    • Session 1 - September 11
    • Session 2 - October 30

Locations: Sessions 1, 2 - Charles O. Stones  (401 North Jennie Barker Road)

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