Pickleball League - Singles and Doubles

2020 Pickleball League 

Pickleball is a fun and fast paced game that is a combination of several classic games -- badminton, tennis and table tennis. It's played on a badminton sized court, with a tennis like net that is 34 inches high and paddles like ping pong only larger along with a whiffle ball. It is easy for beginners of all ages to learn but can develop into a quick, fast-faced competitive game for experienced players. Both men's, women's and coed divisions are offered. Singles will be played on Tuesdays and Doubles will be played on Thursday evenings. This is an 8-game season with post season playoffs. Games will be best out of three, played to 11 wins by 2. T-shirts awarded to first place. 

Packets available: August 3rd 

Start Date:
September 8th
T - Singles
TH - Doubles
Grimsley Tennis Courts
$25/player per league
Registration Deadline:
August 31st