2022 Youth Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastic Class (January - December)

Classes register monthly and are available for registration starting the 3rd week of the prior month.  Gymnastics is a progressive sport and continuation through each month is encouraged.Gymnastics Schedule_Page_26

Gymnastics Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Tiny Tot Tumblers –This class is a 30-minute class with parent involvement, where children climb up, down, over, under and through obstacles. Children gain body control and self-awareness. Play will include circle time, follow the leader and open play. Class size is limited to 18.

Tot Tumblers – This class is a 35-minute class with optional parent involvement.  Children begin to learn age-appropriate skills by using the balance beam, bars, floor, vault, running, and jumping. Children will learn to wait for their turn as coaches lead children through obstacle courses or other age-appropriate activities. Class size is limited to 18.

KinderGym – This is a 40-minute class for children to develop age-appropriate skills. Children will attend without parental assistance. Gymnasts will learn new skills and drills that further their gymnastics experience. Children learn to wait their turn, follow directions, and make friends while learning gymnastic fundamentals.

JR Ninja– 50-Minute class which focuses on obstacle course training, strength training, and overall fitness for both boys and girls.

Beginners  – This is a 55-minute class that focuses on skills using the balance beam, bars, floor, vault and tumble track. Children will gain strength, flexibility and balance, while building basic gymnastic skills. Coaches will focus on basic fundamental gymnastic skills. Age five and six can choose from Monday or Tuesday.  Seven and older classes will be held on Mondays.

Advanced Beginners – This is a 55-minute class and a step up from both beginner classes. Gymnasts will use focused gymnastics skills on men’s and women’s equipment. Coaches will focus on building a firm foundation for progression into the intermediate class. Skills, drills and conditioning exercises will all be utilized.

Intermediate –This is a 55-minute class that focuses on skills using the balance beam, bars, floor, vault, and tumble track. All while gaining strength, flexibility and balance. Children will build on Advanced Beginner skills and progress through skill levels appropriate for their age and ability. Choose between Monday or Tuesday.

Advanced – Continue your love for all-around gymnastics with the Advanced Gymnastics class.  Learn to kip mount and fly away on bars, continue beam work with cartwheels and walkovers, vault the table, and tumble like a pro.

Conditioning and Drills– This class is designed to develop the necessary strength and flexibility for higher level gymnastic skills.  Recommended for TEAM/Pre-Team and is available to any gymnast ages 6 and over.


Leotards are required for all one hour or longer classes. Please have hair tied up and remove all jewelry and other items. A cubbie will be provided to participants. No leggings or other slick, leg coverings. Follow coaches directions at all times.